Momo’s Approach to Beer

There is a time and place for every beer.

Sometimes you need a Keystone Light (floating down a river or at a pool party) and sometimes you need a Conehead (with a homemade burger or your first drink after work) and sometimes you need a Modelo.  At Momo’s, we have a full offering of beer.  We divide the beer into three categories all of which are important to us and our customers.  We know that beer is consumed at different times for different reasons.

Vermont / Local Beer

Definition:  Beer made in Vermont at a small scale.

Brands include:  Burlington Beer Co. (Williston), Goodwater (Williston), Lost Nation (Morrisville), Rock Art (Morrisville), Lawson’s Finest Liquids (Waitsfield), Frost (Hinesburg), Queen City (BTV), Switchback (BTV), Zero Gravity (BTV), 14th Star (St. Albans), Long Trail (Windsor), Otter Creek (Middlebury), Drop-In (Middlebury), Shed (Middlebury), Farnham (Colchester, Quebec) and more.  Hopefully, we can get The Alchemist (Waterbury) and Lawson’s (Warren) in soon.  These guys are self distributed and have year long wait lists.  (We don’t count Magic Hat as local as they sold to North American Breweries around 2010 and the product is made in NY.)

Regional / National Craft

Definition:  Beer made at scale in different regions of the US.  These brands offering great beer and they are large enough to distribute to markets across the US.  Customer brand recognition is high and customers are willing to pay for these.

Brands include:   Baxter Brewing (ME), Allagash (ME), Jack’s Abby (MA), Sierra Nevada (CA,NC), Harpoon (Windsor, VT), New Beligium (CO), Lord Hobo (MA), Firestone Walker (CO), Collective Arts (Toronto, Canada), Fat Tire (CO), Lagunitas (CA,IL), Victory (PA), Ballast Point (CA), Hop Valley (OR), and more.

BUYING: Our approach to the Vermont and Regional Craft breweries is to keep their flagship and year round beers in stock.  Usually 2 - 3 different products.  These are products that sell!  And, we like to bring in seasonal beers to mix up our offering.  Customers like this because they know they can always get the flagship or they can take a risk on a new beer made by a brewery they love.

Corporate Monsters - Exports + US Giants

Exports definition - Global brands with global distribution.  These are go - tos for many customers.  Something that can be trusted as they tend to be classics with centuries old recipes.  These are also simple tasting beers - a good intro into beer drinking.

Brands include:  Corona (Mexico), Pacifico (Mexico), Modelo (Mexico), Red Stripe (Jamaica), Heineken (Netherlands), Carlsberg (Denmark), Fin du Monde (Canada), Labatt Blue (Canada), Guinness (Ireland), Stella Artois (Belgium), Pilsner Urquell (Czech Republic)

US Giants definition: Classic American beers.  They taste like nothing.  Customers LOVE them.  They are less expensive and VERY drinkable.

Brands include: Budweiser, PBR, Miller, Rolling Rock, Narragansett, Twisted Tea, Coors, Natural Light, Keystone Light